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Roulette - Fibonacci System

Players who are interested in managing their money when it comes to roulette have likely tried several different strategies, and some definitely work better than others. The Fibonacci roulette system is one of the oldest strategies available.

The Fibonacci Sequence

The Fibonacci roulette system is based upon the ancient Fibonacci sequence, which was developed by 12th century mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci. In short, the sequence begins with one and continues by generating the sum of the two previous numbers. It begins with 0 and continues forward, so the first few numbers in the sequence are 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 18, 21 and 34, continuing to infinity.

The Sequence and Roulette

The Fibonacci roulette system is met with equal parts of acceptance and opposition. While many players swear by it, others state it simply cannot work because the numbers become too large too quickly. To use it, players simply increase their bets by the amount of money dictated in the sequence after a win and fall back to the beginning of the sequence after a loss. While it will not help players predict the next number that will come up, it may help them to better manage their money.

Making it Work for You

Players who would like to try the Fibonacci sequence as a betting system should remember that it is often not feasible to increase their bets tenfold, especially once the number 21 is passed in the sequence. If players choose to put a cap on the system, it can be beneficial. For instance, if a player reaches the number 21 and keeps winning, the bet amount should not increase. For the best results, players should bet safely; bets on black or red are much safer than bets on one or two single numbers.

Players who are interested in devising a system for placing roulette bets may benefit from trying the Fibonacci roulette system. There are plenty of free roulette rooms on the internet in which the system can be tried without fear of losing money.