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Roulette Save Bets

The ability to save bets in online roulette can make game play much quicker and a lot more enjoyable. Many casino software developers have integrated a bet saving feature into their most popular games.

The Advantages of Saving Your Roulette Bets

There are several betting options in online roulette. Just like lottery games, many people like to bet on patterns or special numbers that may improve their luck when they play roulette online. Repeating these bets over and over again during game play can become quite tedious though. When you save your favorite bets, you can wager on your favorite numbers any time with a single click.

How to Save Your Bets

In most online roulette games, the save feature is within the expert mode when you access the edit layout feature. Within this interface, you can select your bet amounts and place them appropriately. Now you can save the bet and name it so you can use it in the future. Once the bet is saved, you can clear the layout and save another pattern.

Saving the Current Bet

You can also save online roulette bets that are already placed in the game screen. Simply access the edit layout mode as directed above and select the 'get table bets' option. Your current betting pattern will automatically be transferred so you can name it and save it. This is an excellent option for players who want to save a bet that helped them win big.

Saving bets in online roulette is easy to do and can greatly improve the enjoyment of your game. Unfortunately, bet saving features aren't included in every online roulette game.